McCall Research Group Illinois

Prof. Susanna L. Widicus Weaver

Professional Information

Tenure: June 2005 - May 2008
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Emory University
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 2005
B.S., Illinois Wesleyan University, 2000


Prof. Susanna L. Widicus Weaver


4 B. E. Brumfield, J. T. Stewart, S. L. Widicus Weaver, M. D. Escarra, S. S. Howard, C. F. Gmachl, and B. J. McCall
"A Quantum Cascade Laser cw Cavity Ringdown Spectrometer Coupled to a Supersonic Expansion Source"
Review of Scientific Instruments (2010), 81, 063102.
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3 S. L. Widicus Weaver, D. E. Woon, B. Ruscic and B. J. McCall
"Is HO2+ a Detectable Interstellar Molecule?"
Astrophysical Journal (2009), 697, 601-609.
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2 S. L. Widicus Weaver, M. B. Wiczer, B. Negru, J. P. DiGangi, B. A. Tom and B. J. McCall
"Continuous-wave Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy of the N2+ Meinel System (2,1) Band"
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2008), 249, 14-22.
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1 S. L. Widicus Weaver, A. J. Remijan, R. J. McMahon and B. J. McCall
"A Search for ortho-Benzyne (o-C6H4) in CRL 618"
Astrophysical Journal (2007), 671, L153–L156.
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1 S. L. Widicus Weaver, B. E. Brumfield, S. Howard, C. Gmachl and B. J. McCall
"A Laboratory and Observational Search for the Vibrational Spectrum of C60"
Proceedings of International Conference on Molecules in Space and Laboratory