McCall Research Group Illinois

McCall Group at the 65th Ohio State University International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

Jacob Stewart
June 14, 2010 - 2:15 PM

Seven members of the McCall group will be presenting talks at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy

The presentations this year will cover a wide variety of topics including work on the H3+ + H2 reaction in both laboratory and interstellar settings, velocity modulation spectroscopy using cavity-enhanced techniques, and spectroscopy using our QCL-based ringdown spectrometer. Talks this year will be given by Ben McCall, Andrew Mills, Nick Indriolo, Kyle Crabtree, Brian Siller, Carrie Kauffman, and Jacob Stewart. The schedule of the talks from the McCall group is listed below.

Wednesday, June 23
Nick Indriolo - "Comparing the ortho-to-para ratios of H2 and H3+ in diffuse interstellar clouds" - 2:33 pm - Astronomical Species and Processes (abstract)
Ben McCall - "The nearly perfect correlation between the diffuse interstellar bands λλ6196.0 and 6613.6" - 2:50 pm - Astronomical Species and Processes (abstract)
Kyle Crabtree - "Nuclear spin dependence of the reaction of H3+ with H2" - 3:29 pm - Radicals and Ions (abstract)
Thursday, June 24
Carrie Kauffman - "The performance of a continuous supersonic expansion discharge source" - 8:30 am - Radicals and Ions (abstract)
Brian Siller - "Cavity enhanced velocity modulation spectroscopy" - 9:38 am - Radicals and Ions (abstract)
Andrew Mills - "Towards high resolution cavity enhanced spectroscopy with fast ion beams" - 9:55 am - Radicals and Ions (abstract)
Friday, June 25
Jacob Stewart - "High resolution spectroscopy of the ν8 band of methylene bromide using a quantum cascade laser-based cavity ringdown spectrometer" - 8:47 am - Infrared/Raman (Vibrational) (abstract)
Andrew Mills - "Precision cavity enhanced velocity modulation spectroscopy" - 9:05 am - Mini-Symposium: Precision/Frequency Combs (abstract)
Nick Indriolo - "Constraining the flux of low-energy cosmic rays accelerated by the supernova remnant IC 443" - 11:17 am - Astronomical Species and Processes (abstract)