McCall Research Group Illinois

Mr. Michael Wiczer

Professional Information

Tenure: September 2005 - May 2008
Current Position: Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S., Engineering Physics, University of Illinois, 2008

Mr. Michael Wiczer


3 B. A. Tom, A. A. Mills, M. B. Wiczer, K. N. Crabtree and B. J. McCall
"Development and Characterization of a Source of Rotationally Cold, Enriched para-H3+"
Journal of Chemical Physics (2010), 132, 081103.
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2 B. A. Tom, V. Zhaunerchyk, M. B. Wiczer, A. A. Mills, K. N. Crabtree, M. Kaminska, W. D. Geppert, M. Hamberg, M. af Ugglas, E. Vigren, W. J. van der Zande, M. Larsson, R. D. Thomas, and B. J. McCall
"Dissociative Recombination of Highly Enriched Para-H3+"
Journal of Chemical Physics (2009), 130, 031101.
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1 S. L. Widicus Weaver, M. B. Wiczer, B. Negru, J. P. DiGangi, B. A. Tom and B. J. McCall
"Continuous-wave Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy of the N2+ Meinel System (2,1) Band"
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2008), 249, 14-22.
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1 B. A. Tom, M. B. Wiczer, A. A. Mills, K. N. Crabtree and B. J. McCall
"The H3+ + H2 Reaction: A Possible Mechanism for para-H3+ Enrichment in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium"
Inaugural Midwest Astrochemistry Meeting, University of Illinois, 2008.
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